Enjoy tailored Gorilla Tracking safaris in Rwanda and Uganda at the best rates with us today and have a lifetime  adventure of your African Holiday.

A physical encounter with a Mountain gorilla in the forest on a gorilla tracking tour is the most spectacular Wildlife experience you can ever have for your African holiday.  Gorilla tracking takes place in Uganda, Rwanda and the DR.Congo. We also offer Gorilla trekking safaris combined with special game viewing safaris in other National Parks in Uganda. Shoebill Safaris organizes discounted gorilla watching Safaris to all the major Gorilla Tour destinations of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. Our Gorilla tracking trips are combined with wildlife, birding and game viewing safaris that will leave unforgettable memories to you. Nature walks, Chimpanzee trekking and cultural safaris are very common with our Gorilla watching tours for a more satisfying travel trip to Uganda. Gorilla habituation is also available in the Rushaga sector of Bwindi forest in Uganda and you can book this activity for more time to spend with Mountain Gorillas at a cost of $1500 per person. Gorilla tracking permits can also be booked through Shoebill Safaris and they cost $600 per person in Uganda. Gorilla permits are normally very competitive and travelers must book in time to avoid missing this adventurous activity in Uganda.


4 days Uganda Gorilla Tour.


5 days Mgahinga Gorilla Safari


3 Days Bwindi Gorilla tour


6 Days Gorilla Tracking


16 days Uganda Gorilla readmore…

2 days Rwanda Gorilla Tour



Hiking boots

Gorilla tracking involves hiking through the thick
forest vegetation and therefore hiking boots will help make your movement more

Long sleeved Shirt/T-shirt and some long pair trousers

These help to protect your arms and legs from the
itchy and wet vegetation as you track the mountain Gorillas.

Rain gear 

This will help especially when the weather changes unexpectedly
because the Gorillas live in a tropical rain forest where it can rain any time

Pair of Binoculars

These help you to have a close/clearer view especially
the birds and other small forest creatures that may be far.

Camera and extra batteries

A memory of the trip can only be captured by your
camera for pictures of the giant silverback and other gorillas as you watch
them go about their lives in the forest.

Snacks and drinking water.

Gorilla tracking takes 30minutes to 8 hours as you
walk through the forest trails in search for a particular gorilla family. You
will need enough water for drinking and snacks to avoid starving in the wild in
case the journey takes longer than expected.

Hut and sun glasses

The hut protects your head from the hot sun while the
sun glasses protect your eye from the same. Please make sure you carry them for
your own safety.




The cost of a gorilla tracking permit permit  600USD in Uganda for foreigners, 500USD for foreign nationals and 250,000UGX for  for East African citizens.

Rwanda Gorilla Permits are given at a cost of 1500USD per person for all individuals who want to do gorilla Tracking. This charge applies to both foreigners and nationals.

Gorilla permits are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in Uganda and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in Rwanda through trusted travel agencies.